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Pampering The Hands And Feet

1. This Manicure/ Pedicure includes cleaning, cuticle care, nail trimming, shaping and hand/ foot massage followed hot steam towels, warm cream massage finish with a polish application make your feet look and feel rejuvenated.
  • 20 min$16Signature Warm Cream Manicure
  • 30 min$25Signature Warm Cream Pedicure
2. This Mani/Pedi begins with a gentle exfoliation warm cream massage and polish. Leaves your skin soft, relaxed and pretty.
  • 30 min$20One Step Spa Manicure
  • 35 min$28One Step Spa Pedicure
3. Intensive Repair using our exclusive skin care line. Includes a hydrating mask, healing paraffin, exfoliation and massage with our signature warm green tea-lavender moisturizer.
  • 30 min$25Cranberry-Mango Manicure
  • 40 min$32Cranberry-Mango Pedicure
4. Our Signature Aroma Spa is using natural essential oil to soothe, comfort and calm, It also provides UV protection. Followed by Aroma Spa leaves with mineral oil soak, cleansing, massage and UV oil protection.
  • 40 min$30Lavender/ Jasmine Aroma Spa Manicure
  • 45 min$37Lavender/ Jasmine Aroma Spa Pedicure
5. Your hand can reveal your age more than any other part of your body. Keep them looking and feeling young and silky smooth with intensive collagen treatment. Begin with a soaking and exfoliation using aromatic sea salts and fresh cut slices of citrus. A soothing collagen ampoules is massage onto hand and arm. Lastly, hands are placed in warming mitts to help with absorption of powerful anti-aging properties that will instantly reveal radiant hands/feet. A therapeutic paraffin treatment included.
  • 40 min$32Signature CACEE Anti-Aging Manicure
  • 50 min$42Signature CACEE Anti-Aging Pedicure
6. With luxurious services we use the most fantastic natural product. You will see the difference this product makes after just one treatment.
  • 40 min$30OPI Cappuccino Manicure
  • 50 min$45OPI Cappuccino Pedicure
7. Super hydrating and restoring your skin youthful appearance. This service is enriched with vitamin C & E exfoliate rejuvenate. Feet finish with a Jelly Pedi which provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles.
  • 45 min$35Signature Creative Spa Manicure
  • 60 min$57Signature Creative Spa Pedicure
8.Start off with a refreshing grapefruit soak concentrating on the sole of the feet. Relief begins with a cleansing foot bath followed by a full leg grapefruit treatment, then non-abrasive AHA with green tea extract gentle softens and exfoliates tough callus. Enjoy a moisturizing massage with orange and eucalyptus essential oil to bring immediate relief. Spoil yourself with this NEW special spa treatment that includes soak, exfoliation, foot masque and massage cream.
  • 50 min$45Sole Relief Pedicure for High Heels Aficionados
9 A. Potent herbal remedy that soothes stressed skin and aching muscles. Full of antioxidants to ease anxiety and stress, relax the body and the mind with proven natural effects of chamomile. Enjoy the scent light crisp scent of chamomile and luxuriate yourself.
  • 55 min$52Chamomile Spa Pedicure
9 B.Indulge yourself with beauty secret from Deep Blue seas. Heading, Anti-aging, Brightening and UV Protection.
  • 55 min$52Signature Pearl Spa Pedicure
9 C. Enjoy ancient detoxification method with the On Sen experience. Removing toxins from deep within the skin promotes healthy skin and improves body circulation. On Sen offers excellent care for your skin by healing skin ailments while keeping it soft.
  • 50 min$45Signature On Sen Spa Pedicure
9 D. Organic products are an ideal choice for skin care. Treatment enriched with Argan oil from Morocco and botanical extracts, followed by a hydrating masque of lemongrass and green tea along with milk and honey with white chocolate massage cream.
  • 40 min$30Signature Organic Spa Manicure
  • 50 min$45Signature Organic Spa Pedicure
10. The Rock with Champagne and Rose Pedicure This luxury service has been created for those who want to experience the ultimate in relaxation. Your tired and trampled feet are revitalized by thousands of tiny bubbles in a splendid champagne and milk fizz scented with scent of a rose bouquet. A callous smoothing treatment comes before a champagne and rose scrub. Enjoy a warm stone massage with a mixture of champagne oil and healing herbs that are gently rubbed on your skin to relieves stress, fatigue and to help stimulate blood circulation. Aahh...la vie en rose.
  • 70 min$62Signature VIP Spa Pedicure
Signature Basic Manicure for Kids
  • 15 min$10Up to 10 yrs
  • 15 min$13Up to 12 yrs
Signature Basic Pedicure for Kids
  • 20 min$17Up to 10 yrs
  • 20 min$20Up to 12 yrs